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Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Big Move:My new Area

Hello all,
Well here is another one of my moving post. Here are a few snapshots from my new area. It really is a nice city with anything you want. I'm not use to driving or living in such a bigger area. The area I come from I was use to it and knew everything. Here though I am learning my way around..lol..that is why the first day we were here I ended up way down the road in KY to get food when it was just 5 minutes down the road from me..lol=) Anyways enjoy!!

"Downtown historic section of town and the Theater that puts on plays"

 "More  of Historic downtown and a beautiful painting on the side of a building"

 "The main big road here"

 "The beautiful Cumberland river. You drive right beside it down the road. They have a big walkway to walk around it and it so beautiful=)"

 "A museum of the history of the river"

Hope you enjoyed your visit to my new little corner of the world.

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  1. It looks like a nice place to live! Glad you are enjoying it! :D

    Have a wonderfully blessed day!


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