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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just a Rambling post

I don't even know if anybody reads this blog anymore..haha:) Everybody has sorta gone all facebook. I think though I am going to start posting on here more. I am getting tired of facebook. I have so many thoughts in my head right now and so much I could blog about that is floating around as ideas. We are still living in the camper and on July 20th we sign for the new place and hopefully move in after that. Can't wait to be in my own space again. I love to camp it's just that after awhile you get to missing your own personal space with a door to just have time to yourself. I got an appointment next week with new doctors out here about my Ocd and Depression. I am kind of nervous about that and having to explain everything all over again. It gets really tiring having to talk about it. I'm not one who likes to sit down and tell all my problems to somebody. It's not that fun but I need the medicine so I need to go. The whole disease is very tiring and stressful. If it wasn't for the Lord I really don't think I could get though the hard days I face sometimes. Well enough talking from me. If you have anything you want to say or for me to write on or anything,please comment=) I love hearing from people!! It makes my day. God bless you all.


  1. Hello Jennifer!

    I don't comment on here very much, but I do stop in and read what's going on with you. So please don't stop posting! :-)

    I'm sorry to hear that your OCD and depression are flaring up. I can imagine how draining that must be for you ... I will pray for you in devotions tonight.

    I like your blog background, too! How romantic! :-)

    Love in Christ,

  2. Hey girl, I just read this one after I commented on the newest post..oops :P
    I will definitely keep praying for you about this. I hope the doctors will understand everything going on and maybe they can help you manage it? But you're right...if it wasn't for the Lord I know I couldn't make it with my back problems. His grace is sufficent!!
    Love ya girlie! :)


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