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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vacation Post 3

My last post on Vacation takes us to New Orleans. We left the beach that Saturday and since we had that full day we decided to see this city for the first time. I love the city and all the buildings and culture,the history of it all. I like the upbeat positive feeling,but it just feels sinful with all the drinking going on and not so modest  looking dressing. We just drove through and never got out. I don't think it was a family place. It seemed to be just a good hangout for people who like to party and drink. The town is beautiful with the beautiful buildings,but just not my style as far as the sinful looking things of it. We all decided we would never go back. Here though are the pictures!
The dogs were done with riding:)
 Rode through Mississippi
 Welcome to Louisiana

Lake Pontchartrain
 New Orleans!!!

A lot of people stood on the streets playing music or dressed up. This person was waving at me:)

Mississippi River


  1. nice pictures..seems nice the places...ok we cant see all...staying home today..feeling dizzy...pray for me thank you


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