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Saturday, September 1, 2012

A great day of deals...

I hope everyone is having a Joyful Labor day weekend!! Today is the first Saturday of the month and that means in my area it's 50% off everything at Goodwill. So I went when they first opened this morning. It's their most busy day. I actually got a dressing room to try on shirts by getting there early,that never happens:) I got 6 shirts,1 pair of Pajama pants and 3 books for about $19 and some change. You just can't beat around $2 for clothing. I never hardly buy clothes new in a store. I hate the mall to be honest. You can just get so much better deals at yard sales and thrift stores!!

Some books I bought!! The Amazing grace one is a devotion and stories behind the hymns book. They all look like good Christian reads. Plus I have seen Courageous,but never read the book!!

Then I came home and gave my 2 dogs a bath and then I washed my bedspread. 

Then I decided to go to the other Goodwill in the area in Fort Campbell. This location is always packed and never any carts by the time I get over there. Today though was my lucky day. A sweet lady gave me her cart when she was loading up her stuff by the front because none were inside. Then the line is usually backed around the store,but I got through fairly quickly today. I found 3 pair of pajama pants,2 shirts,2 books and cute small photo album all for $13!!! 

This is the cutest cookbook I got for a 1.00. I love the look of the old days like this and it's filled with great recipes and stories:)

So all in all it was a great sale day. I love good deals like that and Monday the other thrift store in town is having their 50% off sale. I might try that one too!!! 

Happy Saturday everyone!! Have a wonderful Labor day!!!

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