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Monday, November 29, 2010

The way I see it by Melissa Sue Anderson

I put this book on hold at the library and was very excited to begin reading it. I love Little house on the Prairie!! With the Walton's it is one of my all time favorite shows. I had read reviews on this book,not very good was read in many reviews,but I like forming my own opinion so I decided I would read it. Well the people's reviews were right it was not that great a book. I read through the whole book hoping it would get better but really it never did. All the book was is a episode guide and takes you through certain ones. There might be a background behind the show in certain parts but the parts could have been put together and you would have had a one chapter book,there is nothing more then talking about the episodes and storyline,nothing behind the story. I am not saying spread out all the gossip in a book but at least tell us more about the shows like fun facts and stuff like she gave one fact of what they were served when they ate in the meals around the table,I wanted more fun facts like that but what you read in this book is just like watching or reading about each episode through a guide,hardly anything in it. If there was not pictures or a title to this book you would probably never know this is a biography. Love little house on the prairie though.

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