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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey Everyone!
So is everyone ready for Thanksgiving? I guess we are. My mom is sick with that flu mess and so me and my sister have took on Thanksgiving this year just for our family. We canceled everything else cause of mom and not wanting anyone to get sick or anything with this terrible mess. So me and my sister will be preparing the meal. Wish us luck:) Haha!! As I look around the table this year the Lord has blessed us so much! He's brought us though a lot of trying times so I just want to thank the Lord for always being there! I am truly blessed to know the Lord and his love for his children. May all your families have a blessed and beautiful Thanksgiving:) God bless!!

P.S--Here are 2 videos to enjoy, reminds me of being thankful:)

(This is my one of my favorite songs and my favorite video from youtube)

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