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Monday, November 29, 2010

My Favorite of Christmas!!

I came up with a few of my favorites around the Christmas season,my favorite time of year!!

Favorite Decorations: I love the tree and ornaments!!! I love how you can look back on ornaments each year and have fond memories of how they came to the tree. Weather homemade or store bought they are each so special. I have started my own collection and have my own box now and I love the memories behind each one!

Favorite Colors: I love the colors of the season!! I love white lights hanging peaceful or I love bright colored lights still or blinking! Beautiful colors of this season.

Favorite Candy: Call me silly but I don't like candy canes,I never have. I love to buy them and put in gift bags cause they look so pretty but I just don't like eating them..lol..I do love the fruity tasting candy canes they come out with though. I like anything fruity:)

Favorite Movie: Every year since I can remember it's been a tradition to watch The best Christmas pageant ever!! I love that movie. It makes me want to cry every time! It's the cutest christian movie I have seen. So simple yet so powerful. It's about a bunch of Children who are very poor and bullies of the school and they come to church because they think their is free food and stuff and they end up in the Christmas play and everybody is worried about it,but in the end it has you crying at what the miracle of the Christmas story can bring:)

Favorite Song: It's crazy but I just love Baby it's cold outside. I love how they harmonize together in a duet and do different parts for the man and woman. The tune is very catchy:)

Favorite Food: These ham biscuits my mom makes every Christmas morning. They are sooo good. I will post the Recipe soon. They have cheese and there baked and I just got to stop talking about them before I start wanting some..lol:)

Favorite Scent: I love the Christmas smells when you walk into certain gift stores at Christmas and I love the smell of snow in the air at night:)

Favorite Shopping Place: The dollar tree and Walmart..at the dollar tree you can buy items and make such cute gift baskets or bags and walmart is just a great place to shop all around:)

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  1. I love this idea! I might have to do one of these too!! :)
    I'm with ya on the Christmas lights, the song, the food sounds good! LOL! And the Dollar Tree and WALMART!! What would we do without those two stores??! I actually just got back from going to BOTH of them for CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS!! It's like you read my mind!!! ;)
    Thanks for sharing!
    In Christ,
    Erica Simpson


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