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Monday, July 2, 2012

A little Kindness goes a long way...

So much rudeness in the world today,it is all around us. I have seen so much of it lately in places. I always think life is so short to be so upset or rude. It isn't worth it to be like that toward others. Like for instance today in walmart I was waiting in the line to get something out the hot food bar in the deli. Well a lady comes up and sees that what she wanted they are out of and she ask the very busy lady helping someone,how many  minutes til you get some more. The lady answered her and she stormed off saying some cuss words. I'm like really? It's chicken wings and your going to storm off angry over that? I find it useless to act that way toward others in life,it's a waste of time. At least we have the chance for them to be ready in 5 minutes. What about people in other countries that don't even have anything to eat? There is no point in getting upset and being rude over such stupid things. Another example was in walmart again the other night. A elderly couple was walking down the center aisle and they started fussing at each other and the lady yelled at the man to just go and get it. It was a shelf you put in the bathroom. He could not pick it up so I started walking that way and I got near him and asked if he needed help. He said a very bad language choice to himself because it was heavy. I started backing off a little because I could tell he was not very happy. My mom comes over and offered to help and so has another man stopped and offered. By this time the wife is helping the man and fussing at him and saying some choice language to him. All this time while ignoring all 3 of us who tried to help. She slams the thing in her buggy and they walk on. Mom just said have a blessed day. They never spoke one word to any of the people who stopped. Why would you want to be so ill over a shelf? Do you know how many people wish to be married and have a loved one and your lucky enough to have one so why are you being so mean to each other? What I am getting at,life is a one time thing and it passes by quickly why get so angry over such small silly things? Be nice to the people around you,no need is there for rudeness and being mean. The world would go a lot more smooth if people slowed down and actually cared about those around them. Be nice to each other nothing is worth wasting minutes of your life acting mean toward others or getting upset. Treat each other with kindness and respect and equal! A little kindness goes a long way.


  1. kindness is so needed i have post about that many times...when some one comment who ever it is i always answer them back as a thank you...blogging is something im trying to not get touch to it...its just a blog...and we might get dissapointed when we dont get respond...but thanks for sharing this...is very good jennifer...blessings friend

  2. How true!! What a good post. I have been very disturbed lately by the rudeness in my city. I was just on a rant about it yesterday to my mother.... we decided we were moving out to the woods! LOL

    Amy Jo

  3. Yes!! Rudeness ticks me off, too - I especially liked what you said about the married couple fighting. Really? Some of us have been waiting for a husband/wife for more than half our lives, and you're blessed enough to have one and you treat him/her like that??

    The same goes for children - I see mothers going through the store and snapping and snarling at their children for every tiny thing, even just little questions they ask, and talking behind their backs about how expensive and messy and noisy they are; and I think of the ladies I know who are not able to have children and want them so badly.

    You never know how long you will have your loved ones with you, or how long you'll have to make impressions on strangers' lives. You'd better treat them well while you still have the chance!!

    ~ Vicki

  4. You should listen to Glen Campbell's "Try A Little Kindness" ... I love that song and it says kind of the same thing! :-)


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