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Friday, March 16, 2012

What would you have done?

I was reading a book about Titanic and thinking a thought. I think alot,I guess that is good? Women and Children were the first that was being called off the boat into the lifeboats. Many of them as they said goodbye to their husbands for the last time. They say the band kept playing til the very end and they never even tried to leave,they brought music to a very loud and scary moment I suspect. Now comes to my question. If you were in that moment in time,what would you have done?

Would you have got on the boat and left your love one behind?
Would you be the person pushing and shoving to get a life jacket and getting off the boat no matter what?
Would you have been the person helping others before yourself?
Would you have been the one who did not get on the lifeboat and would have bravely stood beside your loved one on the sinking boat and know your fate coming?
Plus would young men in today's time be the gentleman those men were being letting the Women and Children go first?

I honestly can't imagine being in a situation like that and just thinking about standing on that boat that night scares me and makes me wonder what they were feeling and thinking and what would I have chosen to do.

So it brings me to the conclusion what would you have done?
Maybe it's just a question that could never be answered til your in that very moment?

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