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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oh no!!! The Keys!!!

I came home from the store today and laid they keys on the table in the kitchen. This morning we had dropped our dog off at the grooming place for a haircut and bath. So I had the car for the day. Well I decided to take mom to lunch. So we head out the door and locked the lock from inside. Well as soon as we are heading down the steps,it dawns on me,oh no!!! Mom I left the keys in the house. So she looks through her purse to try and find her keys to open it back up because our car key is locked inside too. Well turns out I had borrowed her keys sometime this week and they were also in the house..lol. My dad is at work and I have his keys  from where I took him to work,which are in the house. My sister works in Nashville and she won't be home til after 5 or 6. Well mom had some keys in her pocketbook that were on the set they gave us when we rented the house. So I go to the gate and can't get in the gate because it's locked from the inside. Oh dear this was really getting nerve racking. So then I went to the back corner of the yard gate that also opens and got in the back yard. Well you would think 1 of 4 keys would open up a basement door...noooo!! Turns out there all doors to doors we don't need at the moment..lol. So back up to the front porch I go. I tried downstairs and upstairs with my drivers license to open the door. Mom pulls out her Food Lion MVP card and slides it in and thank the Lord the door opens. All was well,so now you know those cards don't just save money at the grocery store,that little piece of plastic can unlock our door..hahaha:)  Priceless laugh afterwards with mom!!

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  1. Oh I've been there. Matter of fact about 15 years ago, I found myself crawling through the kitchen window which is almost too small. Not fun, not fun at all. LOL!!!! Your story gave me a good chuckle.

    Good to hear it all worked out and you got inside.

    Have a great day!!!!!


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