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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Amen Kirk Cameron aganist Gay Marriage...

Kirk Cameron has come under some heat for his words on a show. He openly told everyone it was wrong and he did not go for Gay Marriage. I say Amen,it is time someone stood up and expressed their Christian beliefs. I do not believe in Gay Marriage and it is a SIN!!!! You are not born that way,it is sin that has came into your life. I love everybody including Gay people and I would never bully or be mean to them and I would welcome them in anywhere,but they would know I don't agree with their lifestyle and would pray that maybe something I said or did could convince them it is a sin and is wrong. If people that go for it can have their opinion then yes I think Christians and people aganist it should be able to voice their opinion. Marriage is between a man and woman. It has been that way since the start of the world. I have sinned,we all have sinned but you can turn your life around and be forgiven for that sin! Nobody is perfect and I am not perfect but if your living in sin you need to ask the Lord to forgive you. Man and Man were not put to go together and Woman and Woman were not put to go together as one. It is Man and Woman that fit perfectly together as one. God made it that way. That is why two of the same sex can't have children together it is meant for Man and Woman to be together. Gay marriage or any type of Gay activity in the world is wrong. Sorry if I have offended anyone,but I have a right to my opinion as do you. It's a sin and you can be forgiven from it.
Below is the clip of Kirk Cameron.


  1. Amen! Some churches in our area have contacted my pastor recently and let him in on something they've been praying about... They're trying to raise enough money to have a billboard put up that stands against gay marriage. So Lord willing, whether they're Christians or not, anybody in North Carolina that has ANY bit of morality left, will see that it is wrong and will vote against it when the time comes!
    Thank you for sharing this and Praise the Lord for people in Hollywood like Kirk Cameron who aren't afraid to stand for what's right. Even if there's only a couple, thank God for them!

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