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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Missing Carolina

I did not realize how much I would miss home til now. I will think things and be like well when I get home and then dawns on me it isn't a vacation and I'm not going home. I miss the little things. I miss knowing people when you went out,even if it just means the same people working in your local store that you know from being a regular customer. I miss being part a town that I was part of for 26 years and generations before me. I miss being close by to people I knew and family I loved. It is amazing what you miss. Just being home and being part of a town I knew well is what I miss a lot. I miss my neighbors and knowing everyone's routines. I miss every afternoon my dog knowing it was time to go out and bark at her dog friend next door when it got out for the day or hearing her bark everyday and greeting her other dog friend coming down the road on it's daily walk. I miss waving at people passing by that I knew their names and I knew pretty much everything about them. Like I said I didn't realize it would be this hard. I know people move all the time and I know this is the Lord's will for our life right now it's just hard seeing that little town and my home in my head and knowing we are not going back home right now. It's my first big move and I know it will take some time getting use to it. Just pray for me and pray that the missing will get easier. God bless you all.


  1. When I was a girl we moved every 2-3 years. My family was a military one. It was so hard!

    I didn't know THE LORD then so I didn't have the blessing of knowing that HE was there when I lost everything/one else.

    I'll be praying that you make new friends soon and that things will get easier for you. Take the time to draw closer to HIM ;- )

    May THE LORD bless you this day- PRAISE HIS name that no matter what, HE will NEVER leave you!

    Matthew 6:33

  2. I am prayinf for you. Come and see my giveaways. The earring one ends tonight.


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