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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kate Plus 8

I use to love Jon and Kate plus 8 when they first came out. The kids were so cute and the show was normal and just filmed about everyday life things. Then all the bad stuff happened and it became Kate plus 8. I have one question. What is wrong with Kate? I usually never talk about anybody but really Kate why do you act the way you act? All the show became was going on trips to big places and pretty much just the same old thing over and over again. Her attitude stinks. She talks to be people so rude. Instead of enjoying the time with her children all she does is whine and complain. If I was blessed with that many kids that all turned out healthy after a high risk birth I would stop the attitude and being rude and whiny all the time and enjoy my time with the kids. You are a role model Kate to those children. They see you acting like you do all the time. I feel really bad for the kids. I honestly think they will have some issues when they grow up. This past week on the show I really got upset with how you acted toward your friends and kids. I'm sorry but no wonder everybody keeps walking out on you. You can't treat people like you do. Kate step back and look at how you act. Your raising 8 beautiful children that look up to you. Stop being so rude to others, your kids will copy what you do. I am really glad they pulled the plug on this show and I hope we have seen the last of it because with each new level of fame Kate just keeps getting worse. There is no reason for how she acts. Ok done ranting now..lol..just had to throw that out there cause I just feel so bad for those children and so mad with how Kate acts like she does.


  1. I agree, I've always thought the way she's acted was terrible. The way she used to fuss and yell at her husband, and how she is always rude. It's crazy. Like you said, she should be thankful for all that she has, not hateful to everyone she meets.


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