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Monday, August 22, 2011

Book Review:One Call away by Brenda Warner

Ok I got to be honest..lol..I never watch or know anything about Football,but when this book came up it sounded like it would be a good read and I was right!! She is married to Football star Kurt Warner. From the very first page I did not want to put it down. It has you from the first line. Wow from joining the marines right out of school too what tragic things have happened in her life from her son's tragic accident as a baby,her first husband cheating on her,her parents dying in a tornado. She is one tough gal. She is very open and honest in this book and speaks frank and from the heart. She shares how her faith in God has gotten her through so many sad things in her life. She shares how it's not her plans that will always come about but God will always be the final person who writes your life story out and creates the plans. There were a few parts I didn't like in the book such as going to bars and drinking but other then that it was a very good book and I think she's a get out and get done kind of lady which I like. Great book overall.

I received this book free from booksneeze.com for my honest review

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