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Friday, August 5, 2011

Just wait on the Lord

When I was a little girl I remember one time having a little cabbage patch baby doll and one day I carried it around like a real baby and took it everywhere with me and I even packed a bag for it with it's fake baby bottle that came with it. I even remember going up to the cashier in a store and handing her a baby bag and asking her the price. I was looking at all the baby stuff like my baby doll was a real live baby. So funny. I dreamed though and look forward to the day when I got older and married and my own babies would really come. I am 27 now and it looks as though it's never going to happen. Yes I would love to get married and have babies and raised them in a good godly home,but the Lord has not made it his will to send me a man to marry yet. I honestly think at this time in my life the Lord is preparing me to be a single woman and I don't think as of right now that dream I had a little girl is going to come true,sometimes you can just feel inside what is to be. You know though I think I am at perfect peace with being single the rest of my life. Think of all the things I can do for the Lord as a single woman that I would not be able to do if I were married. Plus I may not be married but I get to be married to God. How amazing is that? So friend if you too are waiting on the Lord's will about marriage and babies. Wait on the Lord and find his will for your life and you will never go wrong. Just wait on the Lord.

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