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Friday, November 16, 2012

I'll be home...if only in my dreams...

The holiday season is upon us once again. I have always loved this time of the year. We would always have family Thanksgiving with everyone at our house. Same for Christmas we would always have a get together on Christmas eve. Both events with lots of good food and laughs and memories made. I lived in the same home my whole life so I feel memories in every corner and part of that home. Now though is different no gathering's this year at home. Right now their are new people living in my home the people we are renting it too. Last year was our first Thanksgiving here in TN and we made it through our first one out here,but that Friday my grandma was put in the hospital and me and mom were in NC for a long time. In December my grandma went home to heaven. I didn't really think about Christmas last year so many people were in and out during my grandma's passing and we were staying with my Grandpa. We had a very quiet day and went to church. No big gathering's like years past. This year though will be the first Thanksgiving mom does not have her mom here and their won't be any big dinner at my home like years before. We plan to go out to eat for Thanksgiving. It's going to be so different. Christmas will be different and I think it will hit everybody this year because it won't be people in and out like last year during all the funeral things. These holidays will be different. So much has happened and plus with us moving out of state. We won't have home to come too. I am so thankful for everything that has been brought our way. It's just the little things that are big things to me that I will miss. Here are pictures from past years.

~Smelling food cooking when waking up on Thanksgiving and Christmas morning by mom working on the meals.

~The cozy sweet feeling of being in your home

~Dad putting up the Christmas lights and the whole house looking so pretty

~Making my snow town I made every year at Christmas

~Just being in our home together

I can't even begin to name all the things I hold dear in my heart. I don't know what the future holds and if we will ever get to move back home and be in that home again but I do know I have such dear memories within my heart that I would not trade for anything. I am truly blessed to have them. Not all have such good memories. I have grown up with many to last me many lifetimes. I am grateful for that.


  1. what a beautifull blog..nice post jennifer..its getting pretty at your home

  2. We are at home but we've had some losses too over the past couple of years. Thanksgiving and Christmas are different now. I understand. Thankfully we have the Lord, I don't know what we'd do without Him. Many Blessings!!!!

  3. What a lovely post, Jennifer! I'm sure it must be really hard to adjust to Christmas in a new home, and with people you love missing ... I'm so glad you have such wonderful memories and pictures of the happy Christmases you had in the past. I hope this coming Christmas will be the best yet! :-)

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures! You're really putting me in a Christmas mood!! :-D


  4. It's hard to adapt to traditions changing, but God will help you through it! Love your pictures! Especially the Christmas village! They are my absolute favorite! I could stare at them for ever! :)
    May God bless you! :)


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