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Friday, October 12, 2012

So Darling....

I love to browse Pinterest and dream away. I wish I had a closet I could just open up and these things would magically appear in front of me. Today I want to show you these cutest Vintage trailers. How I would love to own one and just travel the country. They look so cozy looking and I love small cozy spaces. They are just so darn cute!!! Dream with me won't you?

Are these not so darling?

                                                               Source: tatertotsandjello.blogspot.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

                                                                       Source: google.com via Jennifer on Pinterest
                                                                              Source: flickr.com via Jennifer on Pinterest
                                                               Source: caravanity.wordpress.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

                                                                       Source: retrorenovation.com via Jennifer on Pinterest
                                                                       Source: tincantourists.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Look at the little oven with the hand
towels and the little bed.

How I love all the colors and vintage decor. Thanks for dreaming with me!!

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  1. Ha, ha! These trailers are adorable, especially the last one. I think it would be enjoyable to travel around the world, but I think at some point, I would get home sick.

    Thanks for sharing! :)


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