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Monday, October 1, 2012

Book Review:Return to Sunday Dinner by Russell Cronkhite

I love cookbooks and recently got the chance to review "Return to Sunday Dinner" by Russell Cronkhite. I always remember Sunday dinners. It was important part of the week. We would go to church then come home and Lunch would be waiting on the table. It was always so good for some reason the best meal of the week. In this book you go back to those dinners on Sunday. Filled with stories and recipes that will bring you back to those times. Nothing really stood out about this cookbook from others and the recipes were not the down home kind I thought I might find. I like simple and easy with basic ingredients recipes. It does have few I might try though. Not a bad cookbook because with all the recipes online now I think cookbooks on the market face a high calling to live up too when it's easy to just grab one off the Internet,but this was a nice cookbook.

I received this book from booksneeze free for my review

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I have this cookbook and have been very pleased with it. I have had it for many years though. It has a different cover than the one shown.
    I love the buttermilk biscuit recipe in it.

    Amy Jo


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