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Friday, May 20, 2011

Seasons of Change

Hey All,
Well today I finally have something to write about. It's sad in some ways and very Happy in other ways. A couple of years ago my dad had a great Job in an Office where he didn't have to Call on Customers and Stress over sales. Dad lost his Job there after the company shut down. At the time they offered him a position in Clarksville TN at the Office there. Dad and Mom rode out there and check everything out,but at the time they felt strongly that the Job might not be permanent and it wasn't God's will for us too go. So Dad got back into what he was in before selling Printing. The economy is really bad right in the that industry and he has tried really really hard to sell printing which he's done for over 32 years. He has looked all around this area and done his best to try and find another Job in the area. Well he's keep in contact with his former Company and they think very highly of him. A couple weeks ago we got a call about a Job offer. After much talking and decisions and most of all praying for God's will. This morning the Company called from Clarksville and offered him a Job. No printing or selling and most important not seeing my dad stressed over finding new Customers and selling. They offered exactly what we needed and so as of this morning Dad has accepted the Job in Clarksville TN. We are moving. They want him to start by June 20th. We feel very at peace and in God's will this time and know it's his will for us too go there. So we will be packing up starting soon and we will move from the home where we bought the Land,built the house from the ground up and a place I have lived in since I was one. I grew up in this house, my dad grew up around on the next street over, and my paw paw also lived as a kid on the next block. I have been in this area my whole life. All my family has went to the same Good Ole Allen Jay school. I never expected to be leaving my home town. I feel a total peace about it because I know it's in God's will and in God's will is the perfect place to be. There are going to be tears shed and memories remembered as we pack up and move away but at this time in life this where we are following God too. Many prayers and other matters have been answered over this. I don't know how much I will be able to post over the next while,but I do have some book reviews to post that were sent to me and I might post on the moving process,but it's going to be a very busy time. Please pray for us as we make this move. I know personally I am going to Miss Family,My Church,Friends and Hometown,but the Lord has got us in a new direction. I will be keeping everyone posted as we go alone. We will Probably live either in our camper or a hotel there until we find a place. It's still a couple weeks before we actually leave but I do know as of now they want him by June 20th. Pray for this Season of our life.


  1. Well praise the LORD for answered prayers! :D It is always an encouragement when you just know that somthing is the will of GOD. But I pray the move is a smooth transiton, and all goes well there. :) Praying for you!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Jennifer, I know this situation has been weighing heavy upon your mind and heart as you were in the midst of making the decision, so now although it will be difficult for you to leave and for us to watch you go maybe you can begin to draw strength from Gods' grace since you have peace that it's his will. You will diffinitely have to continue to stay in touch with us on this blog and FB although not seeing you at church will be a dissappointment since we've already lost so many of our youth. Let me know if there is something I can do to help make this move easier for you all. I can get boxes at Mikes' computer store and help you pack if you need me since I don't have houses to clean everyday now. So don't hesitate to ask. God bless you, Love Jewel

  3. I pray you will find a good church home there in Clarksville. Using the internet you can start your list of churches in the area.
    I know you will miss "home" and it will always be home for you.
    Note on your blog: Love your writing and the Mixpod music!


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