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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book Review:Dug down deep By Joshua Harris

I have always heard wonderful reviews from books that Joshua Harris has wrote. He was the one who wrote I kissed dating goodbye,which I still need to read. So I thought I would pick his book out from the selection to read and review. It did not disappoint me either. It is a wonderful read and his writing style makes it easy to start reading and read through,it has a good writing style. The book centers around not just walking the Christian walk and going with and through the same old motions. He talks about really trully digging deep and searching for God and his word. To find out who are in your faith. This is also a good book for younger people or people trying to find their place in their christian walk. Another great book from Joshua Harris.

I received this book from Waterbrook free for my honest review


  1. Sounds good;)
    Hope everything is goin' good as far as moving goes=D!!
    God Bless you abundantly!

  2. Just wanted to apologize for using your content on my blog, which I removed. I share many of the same values as you and it was quite un-Christian and unclassy of me. I am also sorry for lumping you in with a group of people I really do take issue with (Evangelical Christians who don't educate their daughters.) Quite honestly, I simply assumed you would never find it, which doesn't make it much better...

    Anyway, I know how much it sucks to hear hateful things from people you don't know. I assure you, it wasn't personal, as I don't even know you. The point of the post was how important education is and writing is often evidence of that.

    Anyway, please accept my apology, and you may want to consider doing a spell and grammar check on your blog posts. Your blog is adorable and it would really add some extra polish and make it more readable.


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