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Monday, May 9, 2011

Ramblings and Such...

Howdy all,
I know my blog has been boring here lately. I just really have had nothing to blog about. Not much going on. So here are a few random things:) Hope everyone is well!!
Well here are some Random Pics:)

We have had a lot of storms blow through lately..some parts got it really bad so far we have been lucky:)
 Our power went out once during one of the storms and thank goodness for our oil lanterns we have from my grandparents we kept after they passed away. They come in very handy:)
Took this of Benji and looking later on my camera I started laughing,looks like no body with only a head coming out of the patio..lol
 My Daisy enjoy the beautiful weather,she loves outside:)
 Random Pic of me
I mentioned a prayer request I know on Facebook. I think I put it on here but I can't remember. It was a unspoken one and Praise the Lord the prayer it was answered last week. Prayers work and I want to truly thank all who prayed. He worked it all out for me. Thank you Lord:)
Mama Cleaned off a bookshelf in the living room and didn't need it anymore. So I asked if I could have it and she said yes. So I put it in my room, I was running out of room for books. I am getting so many free books from review sites to review for my blog. All Christian based books that I normally would not be able to buy:) It was her shelf from when she was a teenager:) So that makes it special as well.
We Celebrated Dad's Birthday on May 1st. We had Hot Dogs and Cake. Made him a Gift basket that's in the middle of the table:)
We had a nice Mother's Day, I made Lunch and a cake for mom. Plus two great Church services as well:)
Not very good, it was the first one I have wrote on and decorated..lol..it was good inside though:)
 Mom enjoyed her day:)
 Made Chicken,Green Beans and Pasta Salad,plus the cake:)
I still like making homemade gifts:)
Of Course I have been Reading a lot different books lately:)

Well that is all I can think of right now. Very Random post I know:) Have a great week. Til next time.


  1. Glad to hear you have made it through all the storms well! We've had some come through as well, but praise the LORD we have not had any serious weather at our place. :) Loved your random post, especially the pic of your dog Benji. Too cute! Glad to hear all is well your way! :D
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hey Jennifer!!
    I'm so glad to hear y'all have been doing good!
    Thanks for the comment! And I guess that would explain why you named one of your dogs Daisy! :)
    I have to say though, I think the bookshelf is my favorite thing about this post... I just love it!
    And Benji is just so cute!! :D


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