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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Retro Diner Birthday Party

We threw my dad a Diner themed party this past week for his Birthday. He loved it and really enjoyed it. I made a playlist of oldies diner type music and had it playing as well. I had so much fun looking and finding ideas and stuff. Pinterest is a must stop for anything!!! Here are some photos.

Mom made the cake!! I loved it. I had the little dancing people forever in a box off a cake on year.
 Ice Cream Sundae Bar. I put a table cover out. Then we had the Sundae bowls(you can find any like it at most dollar stores) I made little ads and put them in a clear picture frame. I had pictures from varies places. I took the diner looking ones and I edited them into little pictures and taped them on the cover and walls.
 I ordered scene setters off the internet. I found these under a seller on Amazon!
 More Scene setters and pictures I have taken and edited to look like wall pictures. I got 25 free through a deal one day at Walgreens!!

 I was so excited when I found the Diner baskets at the Dollar General for 4/1.50!! I sat out the old style Mcd's glasses we had bought the awhile back when they were selling them. I used old records we had as place settings. I put a cup under a record and made a little stand in the middle. I place a mustard and ketchup bottle,fake menu I made,napkins and a daily special ad I made on top of it. I used the black and white checkered table cover.

 Took a picture I had and made a ad. I bought a bucket at the dollar tree along with the coke glass. I bought the straws at Hobby Lobby. Then I put the old fashion glass bottle Crush sodas in the bucket with ice.
 I found the Root Beer Float recipe on Pinterest. I bought the small coke glasses at the Dollar Tree. I put Chocolate pudding in the bottom and topped it with whipped topping and a cherry. I cut a straw in half for decor look of it. 
 I found these little hot dog holders at Dollar General for 4/1.00
 I had the labels. I took these small little paper bags at hobby lobby and cut them in two. I used the top half to make the French Fry Holder cause it had the little ripple cut at the top. I took the bottom half and make Onion Ring holders. Was trying to go for the paper fry bag holder look.
 The food table. I used a table cover and old records to put the stuff on.
Made a fake menu cover and a ad like a daily special with what we were having!

This was loads of fun to plan. I love planning themed parties!!! Can't wait to plan another one!!


  1. What a fun theme!! Hope y'all had a wonderful time altogether :)
    I really love the table and decorations and how it has such a neat old feel. And your Mom did a great job on the cake.

    Have a blessed day♥

  2. How delightfully fun! I love the fries and onion rings in bags - great idea :) I will have to remember this for my dad's birthday - thanks for sharing with us.

    Hugs to you,

  3. Wow! You are awesome at theme decorating,
    this party looks like so much fun. All the decor is so fantastic!...I bet you all had the best time.
    Have a nice weekend, hugs Jennifer :-)


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