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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Book Review: Simply Delicious by Sherry Gore

I was so excited to receive this Amish cookbook!! I love different kinds of cookbooks and this is now one of my favorites. I first heard of Sherry Gore on Amish out of Order TV documentary. I have followed her ever since. This book is filled with wonderful recipes. My favorite part is that they are all simple and easy to follow recipes. I love simple and easy cooking. The recipes look so good. Some colorful pictures are in it of some and then black and white pictures of the Amish. It is also filled with stories. I love that in a cookbook it adds something to one to read cookbooks!! She is a Amish so I recommend this one for a true Amish cookbook. I enjoyed my visit in the book to Sarasota FL in the Pinecraft area!!

I received this book free for my honest review from booksneeze!

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