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Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Well me and my mom went to Chick fil a today along with tons of others around America. We got there and it was backed down to the road at the drive thru. So we went inside and it was packed and lined up out the door so we decided to check at the other Chick fil a and we seen it was backed out to the road as well. So we didn't get in either one them. I stand for everything they have said and support their opinions and convictions. It's good to see a company stand up for Christian beliefs. I have seen several people say to wait in line because we wait everywhere else,but it makes me no less of a Christian just because I didn't wait in line. I think the people that support it on regular days or just as usual as they do in a normal week are just as supportive and Christian as those who don't stand in line in front of hundreds. Just make sure your standing in line for the right reasons and not to be seen and say look what I did. God bless all companies that stand up for their convictions.


  1. Amen, Jennifer - we didn't go today either because we would rather support them in an "off" time than on the day when they'd be so busy. But I agree, I was there supporting them in spirit! :-)


  2. My family tried to go to Chic-Filet as well.... It was backed around the building with double lines!! I am so happy that it was. We should definitely show our support for these companies that have christian values.

    Amy Jo


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