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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Catching up...

Hey ya'll:) to whoever is still reading this..lol!! I have not posted a regular post in a while so I thought I would drop in and say hey!! I really have not had much to blog about but hopefully I can come up with something to write about soon. Here is some tidbits from my life the past couple of weeks.

We booked our Vacation and in a few weeks we will get to see the beautiful shores of Destin FL. I have never been so I am very excited to see some new waters. I hear it is clear water and white sands and simply beautiful. We rented a condo and I am very excited about all that coming up!! My camera will pretty much be in action the whole time and I tend to take sooooooo many pictures!! We have been playing with the idea of maybe driving through New Orleans just to see what it looks like,but we don't know about that yet.

My parents this past 14th of August celebrated 36 years of Marriage!! I am so thankful to have been raised by a home where both parents were present and we were loved and grew up knowing we were loved and safe and all the memories made. So many today come from broken homes and bad marriages. I am so thankful that I came from one who stuck it out through thick and thin!! 
My Mama turned ...well I don't know if she is settled with the age yet..lol. She turned another year older on her Birthday yesterday the 18th!! We took her out to breakfast at a local place that is good here in town. She got cards,gifts and a cake!! Me and my sister took her out for the day and we ended up just riding around to parts we have not seen out this way yet. We went to Franklin and Brentwood TN areas. A lots of singers live in those areas. We had a great time. 
Here are a few Pictures from the day!!
 Mama's Cake 


 Beautiful Church in Franklin TN
 Can you believe that is house on that hill?
Beautiful land through that part of TN

Then on the way home from taking my mom around we had to stop at a store and we found a Chinese restaurant in the shopping center so we decided to go in and eat supper. Well we walk in and not a sole is to be found,no customers and no workers. My sister said is it even open? I laughed and we all walked toward a table and finally here comes a man wondering out and he can't speak English very good and we finally figure out he asking us what we want to drink,so we say water. Meanwhile my sister is at the restroom and can't get in,the man yells something back at my sister that we have yet to know what he said,but we later figured out I think he was saying wait because somebody was in there. My sister heard the waitress yelling at somebody on the phone in there. So we all make our way over to the food area and nothing is out hardly. Some food here and there,but bare and some were empty with nothing. It wasn't worth the money because we wasn't going to be able to make a plate,it was pretty much just empty. So my mom says I'm not eating here and she starts to walk out,then my sister follows her and I go out. We were in a laughing mood by this time and we were in the car laughing because of how bad it was and how we just walked out. We never got any food or anything. Well I see a lady running toward our car while we are backing out and my sister said that is the waitress. Well the waitress runs to our car and throws a paper towel on our front window. My mom when she had sat down had left a paper towel she had took in on the table by accident. They threw it out our windshield and she ran back inside holding the doors and all of them looking at us mean. We were laughing so hard by then we just had pull over and my sister took the wipers and it blew off when they went over it. It was the best laugh I have had in a very long time and we could not stop laughing. Now we know to never go in a place that is empty,there is a reason sometimes. I can't believe people would be so rude in their business to people. You are not going to gain any customers acting so rude and throwing stuff at people. I got home and read reviews on the place and they were all bad so avoid this place!!!
Pleasant Dragon Buffet in Pleasant View TN
It sure is not a pleasant place..lol I could have said so much but just decided it wasn't even worth it,if that is how they want to act then let them,but they won't get my good review.

Well that is about all I got to say!! I hope all of you have a wonderful super over the top week!! God bless!!


  1. Oh my, Jennifer, what an experience! I've been in some weird restaurants, but never any that bad!! I wonder what was the matter with them??

    But it does sound like y'all had a nice time celebrating your parents' anniversary and your mom's birthday! Congratulations to both of them!! :-D

    I hope you have a wonderful time on your vacation - please be sure and post lots of pictures! I've never been to Florida and I'd love to see some snapshots! :-D

    Have a wonderful week, my friend!


  2. Vicki,
    Lol,not sure what was wrong with them,but they must have had a really bad day of it..lol..we are still laughing about it. We just quietly walked out it still shocks me to see how people act in the world. Yes I will be sure and take plenty of pics,I have never been to that area and I am so excited!! God bless you this week!!

  3. im little late but congratulations for your mom...take care blessings


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