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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Book Review:Take Charge of your Emotions by Dr.Linda J.Solie

I suffer from Ocd/Depression and Anxiety. I recently had the chance to review this book by Linda Solie. One of the things I did like about it is the Christian base of it. I love how God is brought into it and it's a Christian based book. It is filled with tons and tons of great information to help you take control of your thoughts,behaviors and feelings. It has things to write down to help you through your thoughts that are negative. She helps you to identify your thoughts and how to turn them into a positive one. I found the book a little confusing and could not understand some of it. It was a lot of information and I finally I just put it down. For some reason I just could not comprehend what was being said. While maybe not my kind of reading. It could very well be of help to someone else who can understand it better then me. Just be ready for lots of information and a clear thought process to understand it. I do applaud the writer for writing a book to help people with this terrible struggle.

I received this book free from Bethany house for my honest review

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