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Monday, September 9, 2013

Back from Vacation....

Hey everyone!! We got back Saturday from the beach!! We went down to Destin FL. I would not mind if I got stranded there for awhile. Our first trip there was last year. This was our 2nd time going. The water and sand is beautiful!!!!! I could sit and listen to the water all day. It's actually the first ocean I have got in lately. I can see what is swimming beneath me because it is so clear. It was a nice time away. Here are a few pictures!!

We stayed at the same place as last year in a different condo unit.

Fireworks on Labor day at the Harborwalk!!

Sunset view from condo

On the Pier

Panama city beach one night

Sunrise!!! My favorite time of day!!

Our condo
The day I decided to go shopping,my sister took this photo. It was the clearest the water had been all week.


  1. Oh my, Jennifer, so beautiful!! I'm so glad you got to go see the ocean and relax for a few days - how wonderful! Thank you for sharing those awesome pictures with us!! :-D

    I hope you've been doing well - I haven't been on Blogger too much lately, but I do try to read your updates when they come through. :-) Hopefully life has been good for you lately!

    Have a wonderful day, my friend!


    1. Thank you Vicki. I was so happy to get away for a week. It's always fun to be in a new place for a little while relaxing with family :) Hope you have been well!!!

  2. Your pictures are all so beautiful!! The water is so blue and amazing... and so clear! It must have been incredible to swim in. What a fun, amazing trip! I hope to make it to Florida someday.

    So glad for you to have gotten to go and spend wonderful time there. Thank you for sharing your vacation and all the lovely scenery.


    1. Hey :)
      Thank you so much!! Destin is the clearest water I have ever been too. I never get in the ocean hardly ever because I don't like not seeing what is below me..lol. Here you can see right through and it is so refreshing!!


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