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Monday, April 8, 2013

Thrifty Finds...

I love my Thrift finds!! I love them even more when it's 50% off day!! The first Saturday of the month is always half price day at my local goodwill. I love going in a seeing what I can get interesting. This time I just found 2 things I wanted. The following 2 pocketbooks were only $2 each. You can't pass that kind of deal up. I get all kinds of neat stuff by thrifting. 

I loved this. It had that old look I love!! I am using it as a book/journal tote. 

This one had a fun summer feel too it and I have some shirts that match the blue. Loved this one!!


  1. Wow, what great finds! I especially like the first one :)


  2. What neat finds! Thrifting is so much fun and such an adventure to see what you can find!

    Your bags are beautiful. The fabrics are just lovely.

    Have a blessed day :)


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