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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


My dear sweet friend Erica gave me this award!! She has been such a blessing to me and has blessed me so much with her Words of encouragement and blessings in the mail!! She is such a godly young woman who loves the Lord!! Go check out her blog!!

So here's what you're supposed to do:
Thank the person who nominated you and link back to their blog.
Tell 5 things about yourself.
Answer 5 questions posted by the nominating blogger.
Nominate 5 new up and coming bloggers.
Ask those bloggers 5 questions that they will answer.
And of course, grab your Liebster Award!

5 things about myself!

1. I would love to sit in a old city, in some far off country at a little cafe on the sidewalk in a cute village like town. 

2. One of my favorite movies is Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. It's a old movie and it is so good:)

3. I like walking through Antique shops and looking at old items and wondering who the person was that used the items and what was their life like.

4. I love looking at beautiful dresses from old time periods. I love how woman use to dress so modest. 

5. A really random fact I don't like Eggs or Lettuce. Just never could get the taste of either one..lol

Five Questions from Erica

.If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Oh my goodness!! So many places I want to go!! Everywhere:) New York City,England,Ireland! Their is a ton of places on my dream list!!

What is your favorite recipe?
I love my Mama's Chicken Pie and Lasagna!!

Are you a morning person?
Sometimes and sometimes not. When I have a place I got to go I am,but I do like sleeping in to. I am a morning person at the beach because I love watching the sun come up over the ocean!

Favorite quote from a movie?
"I just love to smile,smiling is my favorite"ELF LoL!!!

What is your favorite nail polish color?
I don't wear it much. I love pretty colors like purple!!

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