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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nashville Christmas Parade!!

This weekend we went to the Nashville Christmas Parade in downtown Nashville TN!! It's just a short drive from our city and it was one of the things we wanted to see while living near here!! It was a beautiful parade and we got in town and out of town very quickly with lots of people and heavy traffic. I was surprised by that. I thought it would be crazy getting there  in and out. Here are some pictures!!
I love this beautiful church in downtown!!
They had such beautiful floats!!
 Mary Poppins!!
I loved the Balloon floats!
 This dog one was so neat!!
Pretty American Flag!!
 This one was cute too!!
She was a real person dressed up in the barbie package. I thought it was very creative and neat!
 Just love all these balloon floats
This one was pretty cool!!
 The flag on was pretty!
For the grand finale...Santa!!!!!  

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  1. nice pictures jennifer...you dont blog or comment much ..thats why i think people dont anwer..to keep the contact we need to comment once in a while..i think you understand me...wish you a nice week...


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