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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekend Thrifting and Yard Sales!

If you know me and read my blog,you know I love me some yard sales and thrift stores!! This weekend was awesome with the sales! It was the first Saturday of the month and in our area that means 50% off whole store at the goodwill,so I went to 2 of those in my area:) So Friday another thrift store was having 50% off day and I went there and then I have been meaning to stop by this other thrift store I have seen so I did and to my surprise it was having a 50% off sale too. Then I went to yard sales on both Friday and Saturday!! One yard sale in my neighborhood gave me this cool food slicer thing for a 1.00 and the man we seen at kmart the other day showing the same thing in a different brand was selling them for $28.00,so I think that was a deal!!! We are a military town here and people are constantly moving,so there are always wonderful yard sales out on every corner!! Here is some pictures of my finds!!

 Got all these clothes at varies thrift stores. Shirt were around $2.00 and a pair of blue jeans and Capri's and pants for around $3.00
 Picked up the books from different thrifts and yard sales. Ranging from .99-$1.49
 Thrift store find the pocketbook above for $3.00. I am going to use as a cosmetic bag and the pocketbook below was just so cute for 1.00 at a yard sale and it's Old Navy

 Yard Sale Find Wallet and Pocketbook together for $3.00!!
The bible cover was a cool find at a yard sale for $2.00
This bible was just a really good sale! I have been wanting one of these purple ones and found one at Lifeway for $5.00 on sale and it is KJV!!

Hope you enjoyed my bargain finds!! I hardly ever buy new for me it has to be on Clearance,Yard Sales or Thrift Stores!! I like the Duggars motto "Buy used and Save the Difference"


  1. Yard sales are so fun! It looks like you were blessed.

    Amy Jo

  2. WOW! some great finds. I love the purple Bible my daughter has a smiliar one. It's KJV too and we found it a Wal-mart. Surprisingly!

    Have a great day!

  3. Man! I need to go yard saling with you! lol!


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