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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I can dream a Little Dream..can' I?

 I've always been very careful with guys and kept my guard up,because you see I know and have realized it more lately that I want the very best,the one God has in store for me. I am not going settle for anyone. I want to settle for God's one for me. Ok back to my story at what this blog post is about. Pinterest, I love that website and now thanks to it I have a board of wedding ideas. I know it's sad because I'm not dating anyone and no hints of any in the near future..lol..but I actually have a theme I would want for a wedding now. I never had one before and finally figured out what I wanted or should I say would want from Pinterest. I want a Vintage themed wedding,like "The Notebook" movie era. It's hard to explain because I see it in my head but can't actually describe it..lol. I want a old time feel. Here are a few pictures below I found on Pinterest of ideas.

This I like for Bridesmaid dresses. I love how it just flows down. 
Something about this dress I have fallen in love with for a Vintage style. I use to think I wanted the big pretty flowing wedding gown,but something about this I just love. The sleeves are just beautiful.
In this one I am looking at the man's clothing. It reminds me of Noah in the Notebook movie. I think it's the cutest style for the time period wedding I like. Plus I love the umbrella and the grooms hat,it is something different.
I love this kind of color on pictures,it would be the old time look I want and I love the old car too!
I like the old truck in this one..so cute
 I love the beads on the flower stems.

Ok hope you enjoyed my little day dreaming..lol. Of course if I ever do get married it could change in a heartbeat..but it's fun to dream:)


  1. Oh I love wedding day dreaming on Pinterest too! The pictures you shared are quite lovely. Especially the dresses. Thanks for sharing! :D

    Have a wonderfully blessed day!

  2. You are a girl after my own heart! Love, love, love that bridesmaid dress.... and all of the others...

    Thanks for sharing,
    Amy Jo

  3. Love it! And yes...it's okay to dream sometimes! ;)

  4. hi friend...hope at this moment God is working things out in your life...im sure he does..im hosting today a bloghop on tuesday"s feel free to post something you want to share with others...will be a big blessing...praying for you all...blessings

  5. nice blog Jennifer!
    Am also inspired to dream.
    check out my blog too at rockingtherunway.blogspot.com


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