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Monday, April 11, 2011

My Little Yard Sale Find

Hey all,
I hope everyone had a great weekend:) Me and mom went to Yard Sales Saturday Morning. I have my own ornament collection that I have packed in a box in my room and just love different and cute little ornaments. Well I happen to see one of the ones in the middle row below in the picture and I ask the lady how much she wanted and she said .25 cents. I was like yay!! I started going through the box and found more and she let me have all these for $2.00!! I love them!! My favorite ones are in the middle row. They are not paper there breakable. I was shocked she wanted so little for them:) I am in love with my new ornaments for my collection!!!

Don't you just love love Yard Sales??

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  1. Jennifer these are gorgious, very vintage. I love vintage looking collectables. The price for these is so cheap. I wish I could go to yard sales, but I have to work on Sat and that is when they usually are around here. Blessings.


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