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Monday, April 4, 2011

I Seen Paula Deen Today!!

So my City is known as the Furniture Capital of the world and a couple times a year we have Furniture Market where buyers from all over come to buy. Well today Paula Deen made an appearance for her fans at one of the furniture places:) So I got to see Paula Deen. She talked to the audience,did some giveaways and answered a few questions. She is so sweet talking and down to earth,do you know she even still shops at Goodwill. Loved that about her and plus she told of her depression that kept her in house for years and that the Serenity Prayer always helped her:)

It Started at 11am this was around 8am..people showed up as early as 4:30am
 The Inside line to get in the room
We were one of the first 100 to get in so we got an autograph Cooking Magazine
 This was a surprise, I heard people talking and I got the back of her..Jane Seymour of TV Show Dr. Quinn has a line of furniture and she came through:)
 Paula and her husband

Some of the Pictures are a little blurry and dark,the lighting was bad in there even with the flash,then my battery died at the very end,but I was happy to get some shots:) Loved my day today!


  1. Wow! I love her, she is so sweet! She is probabl my favorite Food Network Chef!

  2. I didn't know she shopped Goodwill but isn't it fun to know that some of the celebrities are down to earth folks just like we are?
    I'm glad you had such a fun day.
    Are there any good recipies in that magazine you can share with us?

  3. I am so glad you had a good day. My Dad LOVES Paula Deen. I pray that tomorrow is a great day in THE LORD for you as well ;- )

    Matthew 6:33

  4. That is so neat. Great pictures too. I love watching her. She does seem like she would be really down to earth. I read her story in a magazine she really went through a lot with her first husband and with her panic attakes and not being able to leave her house. That is how she started her business being afraid to leave home she made bagged lunches for the local business. Like the Scripture says all things turn out for the good for those that love the Lord. Blessings Jennifer.


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