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Friday, October 25, 2013

Book Review:A home for my heart by Anne Mateer

I just got to read and review "A home for my heart" by Anne Mateer. I love historical fiction the best. This story takes place in the 1910. Sadie is assistant to the head matron of the orphanage where she grew up. As the head matron leaves and marries. The job goes to Sadie who now is in charge of the home and must strive to keep it open and keep funds going for the expenses. Blaine is the man she dreamed of marrying,but at the same time she becomes matron,he has bought his own farm. Plus she can't be married being a matron. Full of wonderful characters in this story. Some things didn't go as I thought they were going. It all lead up to a wonderful lesson to learn though. Don't try to prove to somebody your worth or that you're someone you are not. The only person you should be concerned about is how God sees you. It also gave such a great example of all the children that are good kids that needs homes. It was a sweet and simple story and I enjoyed it.

This book was given to me by Bethany house for my honest review.

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