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Monday, November 14, 2011

Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park History Day!

Hey to all my blogging friends:) I have missed blogging!! I hope you all are well. I still visit your blogs,but some won't let me leave a comment for you. I am trying to figure out the problem..lol:) Thank you so much for all the prayers I received from you all!! I have got back on the medicine I was on at home and starting to feel better,but I still have days and still the OCD is here but I am still alive and blessed through it all. I will be leaving Facebook this week and now will devote my time to blogging. I feel I reach more people on here and I have made some great blogging buddies!! I am starting to like where we are living and getting used to it. There is so much to see around these parts and I plan to take time to enjoy the time we have here ever how long it is. This past weekend we went to Nashville and went to a Civil War History day. It was awesome and I have always wanted to see one. So in these next 3 post I will take you through our day trip:) Hope you enjoy!!

Love these Dresses that woman wore back in the day. I love the full skirts.
The Camp area where they cooked meals
The Out house area and Laundry

Beautiful Quilt

I loved to hear this group,they did a wonderful Job singing and playing

Loved her Dress
The little house tents set up

The Field Hospital
Another tent house set up
The preachers area and tent

Another camp set up
Can you just think how cold these tents would have been in Winter?

Getting it ready to show


This was a great day and I enjoyed it very much!! Well til next time. I hope you all have a wonderful day my friends:)


  1. Welcome back to blogging Jennifer and glad you are feeling better
    What a wonderful time you must have had in Nashville. It looked fabulous.
    I will keep you in my prayers

    Love and Hugs
    Debbie x

  2. So glad you are feeling better. I really enjoyed these pics. Blessings!

  3. Hey girlie! Glad to hear you're doing good!
    I also had a problem with the commenting thing and I seen on another blog where some one said to uncheck the box that keeps you logged in when you sign in. So far it's worked for me!
    Praying for you! :)


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